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        1. 專業源于專注,品質源于細節。爲全球客戶提供最佳的緊固連接方案。 Professional stems from the focus, premium quality orginates from attention to details. Provide the best fastening solution to customers.

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          Supply Chain Management:


          1. National manufacturing business


          With the nationalization of the manufacturing industry, it is important to have a national sourcing network that will support your supply chain needs and give feedback, according to many Purchasing presidents, choosing to have a national production base and to provide globally consistent quality And a reliable local service strategist is a challenge.

          Our solution


          · Unique global footprint, distributed in 3 service locations, 2 warehouses, and 2 application engineering laboratories around the world

          2. Safe, high quality products


          Today's most challenging is the manufacturers of products produced by the safety and quality expectations, increasing the number of product recall, which not only damage the credibility of enterprises, but also ultimately affect the financial situation of enterprises.


          Our solution


          High quality from the right raw material selection, and then according to international standards to determine the appropriate production methods, and ultimately test and prove it. DTSL was approved by a test laboratory, and with the laboratory's cutting-edge measurement and testing equipment, More reliable and perfect quality assurance


          3. Shorter lead times, less inventory and better overall productivity


          Shorter product lifecycle and changing market demand, enabling companies to move towards lean routes, and it is worth noting that there is a lean supply strategy that will support business operations strategies. The challenge is often to find the right lean Concept, but an operational lean solution.


          Our solution


          We are committed to design and process optimization services to help improve productivity and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), the right medicine. We use value analysis tools to do the survey and recommendations, and provide a detailed report.


          4. Supplier group integration


          Vendor integration can bring many benefits.It eliminates the differences between suppliers and indirect costs, especially in the supply of C-parts.In the process of supplier integration, the most challenging is to find a solution and Supplier experience in the process of integration of suppliers.


          Our solution


          DTSL's comprehensive logistics solution provides a complete concept of simplifying the procurement of C-parts, and everything can be automatically placed in one step. In other words, the C-parts will be self-managed.


          5. Get the latest technology


          Having the right expert group to reach out to the latest technology in all areas is the best overall resource for new product development.


          Our solution


          Our engineers are committed to finding solutions that ensure that the fasteners they create can be powerful, more durable and safe. With the latest knowledge of fastening technology, when you start to design new products, we will be able to provide technical advice for the first time.


          DTSL's Application Engineering Service provides tightening technical knowledge to support your product development. Our "Professional Tools" (Fastener Design Tool) provides all the engineering applications needed by engineering engineers.